With the official launch date for this site just days away, it is time to start delegating jobs to volunteers who will help keep irminfolk.com updated, fresh and interesting for the community it serves.

We want this front home page to become a daily blog of articles, posts, news, instructionals, events and opinion pieces to cover a broad spectrum of interest.

I would like to set up each volunteer with a day of the week that he or she is responsible to submit an article on.

I would like to see articles being posted which profile each God in the Norse, Slavic, Grecian, Roman and Celt-Iberian pantheons individually; as part of an ongoing series.

I would like to see articles which profile the aspects of individual Runes in detail.

But the posts shouldn’t all be completely religious.  There should also be posts that are gardening tutorials, or financial advice. Child care and homeschooling articles would be great. Book or movie reviews are an attractive addition. The permissible spectrum of content is quite broad and so long as your article does not directly transgress the Irminfolk’s core values, then your imagination is the only limitation.

But regardless of the content, what there needs to be more than anything is a consistent publishing schedule. It is my intent to keep irminfolk.com updated so often, with broadly appealing content,  that people will have a sense of having “missed something” if they haven’t logged on in a few days.

So here is your opportunity to contribute to our rapidly growing community. For now, I am accepting any one-time contribution you might have. But what I am really looking for is to train a team of publishers to use this site’s rather advanced software to create a top notch Heathen blog.

If you would like to submit a one-time article, or if you would like to join the editorial team, leave a comment on this post or email me at  [email protected]