Our Brother Kindreds

The Irminfolk hosts a Brother Kindred program for the purpose of helping groups with similarly aligned values network, collaborate, communicate, and grow together as non-partisan affiliates.

Its purpose is to act as a formal and publicly symbolic “handshake”, an indicator of friendship, mutual respect, and cooperation. We mutually endorse each other’s group in the general sense but no group is “joining” any of the other groups who participate. We don’t have to agree on everything.

It seeks to bridge the gap between insular “hermit” kindreds and controlling “big tent” organizations whom we have found to be in drastic disfavor as of late.

In addition to the subjective benefits such as “networking opportunities”, when a group enters into this program, we provide several tangible benefits too:

We offer free or at-cost professional design work for your group’s icons and heraldry.

We provide room on our servers for a collaborative web forum where open-source projects can be brought to fruition.

We collaborate with the brother kindreds in real-world tasks and activities and group outings.

We cross-promote each other’s announcements media, amplifying the signal of one group across a whole community.

And the mutual trust reciprocated between our groups within the “brother kindred” program means that we can rely on one another when embarking on projects which a singular organization would be ill-suited to succeed at working alone.

We are the sum of all our parts.

Kindreds, Groups, or organizations who wish to be affiliated with this effort are free to participate as little or as much as they please once they are accepted. You may decide to be actively engaged in community building or simply enjoy the program as a social indicator and have little to offer or benefit from interactivity. That is fine too!

But we do ask that when you enter into this handshake with us, that you can reliably commit your good name to the effort for at least one full calendar year. This commitment ensures that the effort and resources others generously afford you in welcome and hospitality is not wasted.

Comunidad Asatrú Alfrothul of Spain.

Legacy of Tyr – A military and Veteran kindred.

Nine Gates Odinic Fellowship – based in Northern Idaho

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